Getting sober is a big challenge for most individuals. But, as they say, each accomplishment always starts with a decision to try. And Christopher Bathum, the CEO of Community Recovery, Inc., believes that by building a solid recovery with a strong foundation can help you get back in your life. As an accomplished addiction treatment executive, Christopher Bathum knows how the power of the community and the family can increase the effectiveness of an addiction treatment. Before becoming the CEO of Community Recovery, Christopher has been the chief executive officer of Seasons Recovery Centers for several years. Christopher Bathum believes that for any type of addiction therapies to be effective, a certain treatment should focus on the real issue that patients face. This is why discussing the issues with their family and friends, as well as the community is part of the Community Recovery. He’s a top-notch CEO and he’s working with the addiction treatment community because he loves what he does. At the end of the day, Christopher Bathum considers the fact that the overall goal of an addiction therapy is to create a huge shift in the patients’ head so that their existence is no longer driven by the anxiety of their past. Once the trauma has been replaced, these patients will realize what is real and what is not.
Christopher Bathum
Apart from his work as an executive at Recovery Community, Inc., Christopher Bathum is also a writer of several books that tackle addiction treatment. These books would include the most popular “Walking Miracles: A Systemic Approach to the Treatment of Addiction and Other Co-Occuring disorders.” The books that he authored were his way of informing others about the models that he uses to effectively treat patients who have become addicts. Christopher loves to save his patients’ lives from the clutches of addiction. He understands what a successful treatment must be like because he has helped others achieve it. When he’s not working, he dedicates much of his free time to running. In fact, he has already completed several triathlons including the 2001 Ironman triathlon connected in Camp Pendleton, California and the 2000 Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid New York.

Finding the Treatment that You Need

Getting sober by undergoing treatment for substance abuse problem is not easy. However, it can immensely benefit not just your life but also the lives of your loved ones. Christopher Bathum and his team at the Community Recovery offer a personalized treatment plan that is confidential, secure and flexible.

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