CEO, Community Recovery Inc

I, Christopher Bathum, believes that sobriety can sometimes become an impossible goal for those who struggle with any type of addiction. But overcoming addiction is never out of reach. Regardless of how hopeless your case seems to be, there’s always an opportunity for you to recover. With the right treatment and support, you can recover and change your life for the better.

As the chief executive officer of Community Recovery, Inc., I’m committed to helping you overcome your addictions, no matter how people think that your case is hopeless.

In 2012, I founded Community Recovery. Within three years, my team and I have grown the organization into a veritable empire. It comprises of more than 20 houses and outpatients clinics for individuals who wish to overcome their addiction. Our clinics could house more than 20 clients.

I work hard to develop a Malibu-based and city wide program to assist individuals in spending time in residence when they need to undergo treatment. With our program, patients can take advantage of the local community’s help in getting through the process of overcoming addiction.

In Walking Miracles, I presented my experiences on how to treat patients with a certain type of addiction. This book outlines my innovative approach to treating addiction with the focus of helping the individuals, their family and the surrounding community.

When I founded Community Recovery, my goal was to provide patients affordable long-term treatment. A great number of our former clients credit our rehabilitation program to saving their lives. Our rehabilitation program has given others a long-term recovery that changes the lives of so many peopled who would otherwise found a chance in hell.

After spending many years in this field, I know what it takes to leave behind a destructive behaviour pattern to promote prosperity and success. I have dedicated by life to use my experience to benefit others.

In every recovery treatment that my organization offers, I utilise the alchemy of transforming weaknesses into strengths.

I believe that all healing should begin and end with love. I’m truly passionate about helping others to get and stay sober. I help develop a spiritual practice that can become a cornerstone in your recovery.

At Community Recovery, we believe that there’s no magic bullet that can work for everyone. For that reason, we consider giving our clients a program that meets their specific needs. Our addiction treatments are customised to our clients’ unique problems and situations.