Christopher Bathum’s Blog

The first rule of recovery in addiction is not to stop using. Rather, it always starts by creating a new life without using any substances. Creating a new life can help you in preventing all factors that brought you to your addiction.

Christopher Bathum’s blog can offer all pieces of information that can be valuable in your recovery. In here, you will find some ways to choose sobriety. When you recognise your own problem, you’re one step closer toward getting healthy.

Treatment assessment will also be part of Christopher’s blog. All your questions about how long will it take to recover and how much will it cost to undergo a recovery treatment program will be presented here. You have questions and Christopher will provide you with appropriate answers.

If your loved ones are addicted to something, this blog will have details on how to set the stage for that person to recover. Change is difficult to do but with the help of the community, an addict can overcome his/her dependency.

You will also learn how to put yourself or your loved ones to move forward. When it comes to addiction recovery, aftercare or relapse prevention is crucial. In this way, an addict will no longer have to go back to his/her old life.

Christopher will also share some helpful tips to better address those difficult topics about addiction with family, friends and colleagues. Remember that confronting the addict is difficult, especially if he/she doesn’t trust or respect you.

Withdrawal or detox is necessary in the recovery of an addict. In this blog, you will find out what to expect and how to cope with your dependency.

Long-term care is necessary for your recovery. Each addict can use a helping hand so he/she will be guided throughout the process. For addicts to recover, it’s important for them to realize that they’re not alone in this quest.

Your opportunity to change your life.

Now is your chance to change your life. But changing your life is difficult yet rewarding. It’s difficult because you need to change. However, it’s also rewarding because you will have this rare opportunity to change your life. Most people just sleepwalk through their life. They don’t know their purpose. One day, they just wake up and wondering why they’re here on Earth or why they’re not as happy as others.

Use this opportunity to change. When you look back, you will think of your addiction as an important part of your life to finding inner peace, which most people crave for.